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Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in Virginia – Legal Defense

The facts and circumstances of each case are unique and therefore the fact that a law firm has obtained significant verdicts and results in other cases in no way guarantees that other cases will have similar results. I’ve been charged with “possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in Virginia,” I need a good […]


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Smell of Weed Often Gives Police Keys to Home

The odor of weed/marijuana wafting from a home gives police the warrantless-keys to a home.  This area of the law will continue to change – eventually with legalization of marijuana, officers will not be able to use the smell of marijuana as a basis for a search without a warrant.  But until then… In 2011, […]


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Criminal Defense for Construction Fraud in Virginia

What is the difference between construction fraud and breach of contract under Va. Code 18.2-200.1? The Commonwealth must prove 5 things to convict a person of construction fraud, namely that the contractor (1) obtained an advance of money from another person; (2) had a fraudulent intent at the time the advance is obtained; (3) made […]


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Freaky Friday Halloween Decision – Drink and operate your car radio on your property may result in DUI conviction

Freaky Friday Halloween Decision by the Virginia Supreme Court.  The public is mystified by what it considers a new legal absurdity – Listening to your car radio in a private driveway while drinking is illegal and may result in a DUI conviction! Sarafin v. Commonwealth, October 31, 2014. The odd conclusion in this DUI case is the […]


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