HULL STREET LAW Successfully Defends Homeowners from Overreaching Homeowner’s Association.

HULL STREET LAW Successfully Defends Homeowners from Overreaching Homeowner’s Association.

The Richmond, Virginia law firm HULL STREET LAW, a division of Thomas H. Roberts and Associates, P.C. has successfully defended eight homeowners in a Chesterfield subdivision from a debt collection action by an organization purporting to be their homeowner’s association.

When the Chesterfield HOA filed warrants in debt against nearly 30 of its homeowners in January, 2013, eight of those homeowners turned to HULL STREET LAW for help.  The homeowners felt that their paying assessments was unfair because their section of the neighborhood received little benefit from the HOA. However, when HULL STREET LAW began its vigorous defense of its clients, it quickly identified problems and formed the legal opinion that the HOA, Inc. was formed incorrectly.

Ultimately, the HOA, Inc. nonsuited its cases against HULL STREET LAW’s clients, largely due to the risk of continuing its suits in light of the sophisticated legal defense provided by an attorney with HULL STREET LAW. He said, “when my clients first sat down with me, all they wanted was a fair share of the Association’s budget for their part of their neighborhood. After I got into this case, I realized that the issues were far bigger than unfair budget allocations.” Pleadings submitted to the Court formed the basis for the legal opinion by HULL STREET LAW that the HOA, Inc. was formed incorrectly and that it had no authority to charge fees and assessments at all.

“We’re just happy to have been able to serve these clients. Complex rules of law – like those surrounding the authority of Homeowner’s Associations – are traps for citizens every day. Thankfully, our clients called us instead of just paying assessments to which the HOA, Inc. had no right.”

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